4 Tips for winning your daily fantasy sports contests.

If you continually lose week to week on daily fantasy sports or aren’t doubling your bankroll, I have some tips that might just turn your luck around.

  1. Do your research. Even though you might think you are completely aware of how a game will go down, there is always something hiding behind the numbers. By doing things like evaluating the amount of yards a team gives up or even touchdowns, it can put you above your competitor.
  2. Play head to head contests or low player entries. No matter how enticing the “Pay $10 and win 100k!” might sound, you aren’t gonna end up like the guys on commercials. Most DFS players know and understand sharks eat sleep and breathe the big player tournaments.
  3. Vegas is your best friend. There is a good reason why the spread creators of Vegas make the big bucks. Looking at the point spread of a game or player propositions.
  4. Everyone has a different bankroll size, be smart with yours and base your contest play around it. You do not want to blow your entire bankroll in one night, and on the flip side of that you will never make any money if you bet a measly amount each contest. Find the happy medium and take advantage of it.

You can easily access the vegas odds for any sport here. –-Click here. 

“Listen, if you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table then YOU are the sucker.”


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