The NBA is back! Presenting the perfect opportunity to go big or go home in DFS.

NBA is my personal favorite in DFS for a couple of reasons, number one being if you are a numbers and analytics guy when it comes to your lineup then it could not be easier. With the forthcoming of the NBA season it brings new DFS players along with it, these DFS players simply pick the athletes they have a gut feeling about instead of going with the stats.¬† I will cover four tips in this post and will give a follow up post using these tips and showing my personal winnings. I will play in tournaments and head to head games for two reasons. 1. If I am the degenerate I claim to be, how could I not throw my money around? 2. Proof to my readers that my tips do, in fact, work. So let’s jump right into this shall we?

  1. MPG and PPG- Minutes per game and points per game are going to be the largest stat you are going to want to look at. Analyze how much playing time a said player receives compared to how many points this said player puts up while he is on the court, all while simultaneously cross-referencing  the defenses of this game slate, because we degenerates are great at multitasking right?
  2. You see injury, I see opportunity- When a starting player goes down, that has just opened the door of opportunity for tournament play options, not only do you get a player that will start and receive playing time but also the player will be dirt cheap and I love those odds in tournament play if you want to pay out for some studs.
  3. Find value players- Finding value players is essential if you want to knock down some massive prize pools. “How do I find these value players?” you might ask, it is very simple. First you are going to want to research various websites that have these players laid out for you like Roto-grinders or ESPN, then you are going to cross reference these websites and find one you like, do a bit of research on him and how he is known to preform. Do that 3 of 4 times and you have yourself a good tourney line-up.
  4. Pay up for the right players- This is where some intense research is going to come into play, of course you have the studs of the league that have outrageous price tags to their name. Find the stud that preforms the best, the one who also happens to be playing the weakest defense, the one who has the most attractive “you get what you pay for” price tag and then depending upon how many value players you have found. Rinse and repeat.

I have given you the weapons to take the money of simple minded players I am still puzzled to what you are waiting for.

“In a bet there is a fool and a thief. which one are you?”



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