Fair weather followers.

This will be my first of many posts about controversial topics. In this post I will be describing a certain type of person I like to call “fair weather followers”. As you ask what that means, no worries I will explain.

  • I am referring to religious “followers” who claim to be religious when in all reality then don’t really follow the rules of their specified religion. Although there are thousands of religions or denominations in this world I seem to find this group of people in countless religions.
  • The most well know religion for my dot on the map is Christianity. So I will be using that as an example. Inside Christianity, this specific religion has a bible with an Old Testament and a New Testament. Inside this bible there are written rules or code of conduct if you will, that all Christians are expected to follow.
  • Now that we have some background information I can start explaining myself. In my thought process, if you devote your life to a higher power (of your choosing), you should follow this code of conduct pretty strictly in my opinion. I say pretty strictly because Christians hold this book dear to their hearts and it is not to be taken lightly. So why interpret it loosely?
  • “Fair weather followers” as I call them, are infatuated with and or hereditarily given these rules inside the Bible (Still using Christianity as my example) yet only choose to follow a select few. More importantly the convenient rules. So essentially they get the religious name tag and reap the benefits that may or may not come with the religion. Most of the time flaunt it around as if was some sort of verbal tick that an individual must say every so often.
  • My issue with this is that it makes religious look bad and can be infectious among a religious establishment. For example, “If Craig can break the rules then so can I”. What it comes down to is a bunch of people holding these values and morals of their religion so high and then turning around and going against them, and if called out on it by someone else the blame gets shifting to someone else. This is my view of fair weather fans and a leading reason of why I choose to be a non-religious person and believe there is truth in all religions in certain aspects. Have you ever seen this take place? Do you know someone who is like this? Thanks for reading.

People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.


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